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(Old) A Brief Dialog

(Originally posted on September 19, 2007, and quite popular with Sonlighters.)

Wrote this on the way to Williamsburg. I must mention I am particularly proud of my penmanship, which you guys can't see, obviously. It's all scrawly.

"Have you ever traveled?"

"Oh yes, all over the world."

"Really?" he asked, interested.

"Well…The man I'm going to marry lives on an estate in England. My little sister is in a small town in Mississippi. Oh–my best friend lives in England, too–he has a silver hand. And a blue eyed Egyptian is my big sister. I went to China once, and helped a boy and his pig find safety. Then there was the time I went into the depths of Africa–it's so dark there. I ran in the Olympics, too, though not on Sunday. I went to Canada once, because I was a loyalist. I stopped the president from being poisoned. And–oh!–that trip to Jerusalem!"

"I think you are referencing to books again."

"Why would you think that?"

"Because you're pretending to have done things only characters could do. Have you ever traveled?"

"What's the difference?"

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