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The Eleventh Trade: Moodboard


Farewell music! Even your sweetest tunes are best kept silent
The Taliban on the edge of the village have stilled all lips

When the Taliban invaded Afghanistan, Sami lost everything — everything except his grandfather, and the rebab.

Sami and his grandfather make a new life in Boston. But one day when Sami is playing the rebab at a T station, a teenager snatches the instrument and jumps on the T. The doors snap shut, and the rebab is gone.

When Sami finds it again in a pawnshop, the shopkeeper won’t return the instrument, but he offers to hold it. The only problem: The rebab costs $700, and Sami has no money.

Thirty days is all Sami has to raise $700 — and if he can’t, he’ll lose the last remnant of his old life, and break his grandfather’s heart forever.

Every musician who adjusts the pegs of the rebab:
His tuning burns my heart.

– Rahman Baba, Afghan poet

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