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Trust Women 2016: Highlights

Trust Women 2016: Highlights

Earlier this month, I had the fabulous opportunity to attend the conference Trust Women (representing myself as a writer and also Childbirth PATHS International, a great new NGO). I attended the conference in 2014 and found it truly life changing — and I don’t say that in a light, off-the-cuff sort of way. I’ve been to many, many conferences in my time, and there’s nothing like this two-day event.

Trust Women brings together activists and experts from around the world to talk about the latest in human trafficking (and prevention), slavery in the supply chain, women’s rights, and other worldwide humanitarian issues. But it’s not just about information. As I’ve told several people since I came back, one of the amazing things about this conference is that everyone there is taking action. Everyone is trying to make a change, and it’s all about creating a space where passionate people can learn, connect, and find solutions.

If you want to see the conference yourself, you can check out Thomas Reuters’ Trust Women 2016 playlist on YouTube. Some of my personal favorites would be: Biram Dah Abeid’s keynote, Lisa Kristine’s keynote, Migrants: Crisis or New Normality?, Stories of Survival: Child Slavery, Muhammad Yunus’s keynote, Nadia Murad Basee Taha’s keynote, and Is Deradicalization Possible? But literally all of it was amazing and you should check it out. I think they’re still uploading new videos, too, so more might pop up (the full deradicalization panel was great and the breaking taboos one was also really interesting).

But if you don’t have a lot of time for that, I’ve created a Storify of tweets. They’re mostly me and Sarah Driver (my partner in crime), because those were the easiest to find, but the hashtag #TWC2016 is overflowing with wisdom from the conference.

So, here’s the latest from the front-lines.

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