Alyssa Hollingsworth is a lot of things, including but not limited to: A traveler, writer, spoonie and photographer. Unsurprisingly, most of her entries will deal with these major parts of her life.

Traveler: Over eleven different countries (and counting)! This includes living abroad in England.

Writer: As a small and adorable child, Alyssa used to look up at adults through her reddish blond curls and say that her dream in life was to be a writer. While other dreams have come and gone, this is a constant. She is represented by Amber Caraveo at Skylark Literary.

Spoonie: At 17 years old, Alyssa began having pain in her left thumb. Two misdiagnoses and about fifteen different specialists later, it was discovered that she had Rheumatoid Arthritis. Several years and five additional diagnoses later, she is still learning how to live with the everyday pain and occasional health crisis. But she is determined that her diseases will not slow her down. (Read about Spoon Theory and chronic illness here.)

Photographer: It is very rare to not see Alyssa with a camera around her neck. She loves to take pictures of people, to capture their stories through her lens.

But the important thing is that Alyssa isn’t an expert. She approaches the world as a learner. Through this blog, she’ll be sharing the journey of learning how to be alive to the tips of her fingers (even if her fingers no longer work).

Contact Me: alyssamhollingsworth [at] gmail [dot] com

Blog features:

(Note: All photography on the blog is taken by Alyssa, unless otherwise noted.)

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  1. I stumbled across your blog today and read some of your posts. I really like what you have going here. You have a distinct voice that serves you well in your writing.

    In appreciation for your work, I have nominated you for a “Liebster Award”. If you want to join the fun and recruit more readers for your blog, you can find out how by going to my nomination post –


    Keep up the good work.