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First Day

bath day 1

Here there be typos! Don’t have time to proof at the moment.

Today I slept late, and in general lazed around doing smallish things until the afternoon. Then I ventured forth into the frightening world of Phone Stores. My little burner phone from my semester abroad hadn’t been working at all, and I’d decided I needed something with Maps on it anyway (after various scarring directions-related difficulties from last time). The views of the city were beautiful as I descended toward city center, and a few times I just had to stop and say to myself,…Continue Reading

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Another Chapter


The night before the big move, I had a bit of a panic attack. One moment I was thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to have to eat dinner alone!” The next, I was grabbing the dog, Melly, and booking it up to my parents’ room. I blurted out all my worries because holding them in made me feel like I was going to throw up.

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Make Your Pinterest Board Look like a Portfolio

Make Your Pinterest Board Look like a Portfolio

I recently entered Marissa Meyer’s Pinterest competition and tied for first place! [Insert fangirling here]

If you look at my winning board, you might notice it’s organized and has dividers. The credit for the idea goes to my sister, Laura, who’s an art major and recommended I build a board like someone would build an art portfolio.

So in case you ever want to create a stellar, beautifully organized board, below are the steps I took to make this one!

1. Collect all the images on a secret board

I made a board that only I could see (called: CRESS – SECREEEEETTT) and went crazy. Any and everything that reminded me of the Lunar Chronicles got thrown on…Continue Reading

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Bless My Characters!

vel luc
Concept art of my OCs by Laura Hollingsworth/Lostie815

In the world of Blessings and my still-unnamed WIP, fair folk can bless humans. (Think the Disney opening of Sleeping Beauty.) I have one character with 601 blessings, and one character with 250.

What I want to do is actually make a list with a bunch of blessings that I can then pull from while writing. Since each blessing is given by a different fair one, I thought—what better way than to have individual people help me brainstorm?

So here’s your chance to put on some hypothetical…Continue Reading

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Summer at Fort Monroe: Concerts by the Bay

Laura Hollingsworth
Photography by Laura Hollingsworth

On every Thursday during the summer, Fort Monroe hosts a band down at the gazebo by the bay. People can bring chairs and blankets, sit on the lawn and watch boats sail by as they listen to jazz or popular tunes or big brass bands. The local Boy Scout troop sells hot dogs, chips and drinks. It was always fun and relaxing, and occasionally made me long for a dance partner to go sambaing down the sidewalk with.

As the grand finale of concerts, the Virginia Symphony Orchestra has the final…Continue Reading

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Summer at Fort Monroe: The Insides

Fort Monroe by Laura Hollingsworth/Lostie815
Fort Monroe by Laura Hollingsworth/Lostie815

There’s been a lack of life stories around here recently, so I’ve prepared a few of my favorite parts of the summer for you in the upcoming entries. Let’s kick it off with some adventures in history!

One day whilst wandering about and minding my own business, I began to push on some of the doors along one part of Fort Monroe (built in 1819 and literally a few blocks from my parents’ current house). They were mostly locked or nailed shut, but then one gave…Continue Reading

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Creative Writing Tips: 3 Reasons to Listen

Creative Writing Tips: 3 Reasons to Listen

REASONS TO LISTEN WHILE REVISINGWhen I was preparing my manuscript for my magical beta readers, I decided to give it a complete read-through in the most merciless way possible. If I expected them to read a 90,000 word novel for me, I wanted to at least make sure they weren’t tripping over typos!

There are three ways you can listen to your text: By reading it out loud to yourself (or, even better, with an audience), by asking someone else to read it to you, or by employing a robot.

I’ve done the first two before and they work well. However,…Continue Reading

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