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(GH) becoming an expert

(Originally posted on November 1, 2011)

During the writing conference/symposium, I was asked, “How do you get published without giving up your voice?”

What this came down to (as I pinpointed what the young fellow really meant) was: How do you get away with what you want to get away with, but still get published?

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(GH) All of Time and Space

(Originally posted on February 14, 2012)

So! Last Friday. First: Everyone, meet Mary. She is another study abroad student from Atlanta, GA. She does not have a strong southern accent. I believe she is studying the classics here (which is Roman and Greek stuff). She is a Doctor Who fan and, like myself, loves Eleven, so we make a good team.

Mary and I caught a train down to Paddington, then set off to find The Doctor Who Experience. We were both very giggly and excited, unsure what to expect but certain it would be brilliant. And it was, my friends. It was.

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(GH) The Faerie Guide to Surviving Wales

(Originally posted on 15 April 2012)

I’m heading to Wales this week with my friend, Anna, and some locals from the university. It is going to be epic! Conveniently, I have also been reading a ton of Welsh fairytales and mythology in the past several weeks as part of my research for Blessings. So in case you ever find yourself in Wales and don’t fancy getting turned to ash or worse, here’s five things to keep in mind if you want to get there and back again!

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(GH) a big, complicated word but so sad

(Originally posted on July, 4 2011)

Wanted to do a follow up about the surgery and stuff. Basically: It went fine. My finger looks horrendous at the moment, but I’m not in much pain as far as recovery goes. My wrist is hurting pretty badly today, which might be from my brace or could be a flare of arthritis brought on by the trauma of the surgery. Yay for sort-of-but-not-really fixing something and causing unintentional extra pain somewhere else…

I’ve been thinking, and my Relationship* with my arthritis goes in a cycle like this:

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