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The Grand Graduate School Reveal

A lot of friends and family and coworkers and professors and strangers (ok, not strangers) have been waiting on the edge of their seats (maybe a slight exaggeration) for the Grand Graduate School Reveal.

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Bath Spa University vs. Chatham University!

Bath Spa: Located in Bath Spa, England, quite possibly my favorite city in the world. Offers a MA in Writing for Young People. One year program.

Chatham University: Located in Pittsburgh, PA. Offers a MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Writing for Young People, plus the possibility to get a dual emphasis in Creative…Continue Reading

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Grandma Kathleen: Rough Poems

This post is going to have a lot of poem drafts, and they probably won’t be award-winning quality. I find it a lot easier to write about this experience through poems, so that’s how I’ve been journaling it. I think that writing about this will be easier by using what I’ve already journaled.

The weekend before I left for Boston, we found out my Grandma Kathleen was dying. I think I got the call on Friday. In the early hours of Monday morning, she was gone.

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Busting into Boston: Days 4-6

Backdated to March 8th.

Day 4: Snow and the Conference

On March 8th, Kyley and I woke up to snow, snow, and more snow. We took a slow walk down to the T-station (during which we found drifts where I sank up to my thighs). Kyley was really interested in seeing Chinatown, so we headed that way. Though it was actually pleasantly cool outside of city proper, when we emerged in the city the wind was merciless and the snow was icy enough we kept ducking into alcoves to get shelter from the stinging. What we saw of…Continue Reading

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nothing much

There are a lot of things I need to write about.

I need to finish up the Boston trip. I need to write about how on Saturday (or Friday–it’s a blur) two weeks ago today I got the call that my grandma was dying. I need to write about the funeral. I need to write about coming back to school. I need to write about the graduate school I chose.

But every time I open a blog entry to write, I feel overwhelmed. I am tired. I have too many things that need saying, and I’d rather do homework.

Once I write about it, it’ll be true. It’s stupid, because I’m not in Boston anymore, and I’ve made my decision,…Continue Reading

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Busting into Boston: Days 1-3

My roommate, Kyley, had never been on an airplane in her life. I was determined that before the end of our undergrad time together, she would go somewhere with me, if only so she’d be comfortable flying when she had to visit me in the future! We originally were planning to go to my house in VA, but when I found out the Association of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP) conference was in Boston this year… we made a slight change of plans.

Kyley dubbed the trip “Busting into Boston,” and on Tuesday we set out on our adventures

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Awareness is not Action

A lot of people my age are really involved in the End It Movement. I think that’s awesome. It’s always inspiring when young people get fired up about something and try to make a change.

But that’s my concern with the movement–the way it encourages my peers to “change” the world.

I wasn’t at Passion when the whole thing kicked off, and I’m not the most knowledgeable person about the movement itself, so I’m not in any position to criticize. But I do want to raise a few questions for the participants, which the aim of challenging them to reach further, do more for a good cause.

This week, many of my friends participated in a sort of…Continue Reading

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The Awkward Homeschooler Takes On Dance

This semester I’m taking Ballroom I and II (first and second seven weeks). I had my performance final on Tuesday, and thought I’d make a few remarks.

I wanted to take the class for a few reasons:
1) If someone can get the award for awkward homeschool dancer of the year, it’s me.
2) I discovered I love dance when I took Dance Improv a year or two ago. During the class, I not only learned to embrace my awkwardness, I grew more confident in my own skin and had a lot less stress in general. I wanted to try to capture that again in a more structured dance class.
3) There are a few vital scenes…Continue Reading

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