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(GH) An Unsafe Love – 4: The Conflict

(Originally posted on March 29, 2012)

“Is not calamity for the unrighteous
and disaster for the workers of iniquity?
Does he not see my ways
and number all my steps?”

Most of Job is about conflicts. Below I’ve divided the major conflicts (as I see them) into their own categories. For some, I’ve just let Job do the talking. For others I’ve tried to dive in a bit myself.

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(GH) An Unsafe Love – 3: The Friends’ Response

(Originally posted on March 28, 2012)

In the face of Job’s loss, the friends have no answers. They try to defend God by saying Job must not be in the right.

Why? Because it’s unthinkable, unbelievable, incomprehensible, that something so terrible would happen to a righteous man. I wonder how often the Christian has pointed the finger to protect himself/herself from unbelief, instead of offering true comfort. As Job says, “For [my friends] have now become nothing; [they] see my calamity and are afraid.”

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(GH) An Unsafe Love – 2: Great and Terrible

(Originally posted on March 27, 2012)

When I first read through Job, at twelve or thirteen years old, I couldn’t stand it. He’d just go on and on and on, and his friends would call him out on it, but then he’d just go on some more. I thought the youngest friend, Elihu, was the real hero of the tale. I thought Job was a sinner for thinking his problems were a big deal. When God showed up and snapped a bit, I was glad Job was finally getting his comeuppance. I felt like God could’ve at least taken away his ability to speak and given us all a break.

When Dr. Hill, my Old Testament professor,…Continue Reading

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(GH) An Unsafe Love – 1: The Personal Crisis

(Originally posted on March 26, 2012)

I want to talk about the journey I’ve been taking with Job. But first, I think I need to give some backstory.

I think it’s important to say before I begin that I don’t know if all I’m going to discuss is “sound” spiritual stuff. I don’t think it’s all Sunday School perfect. Not everything I discuss or say is what I truly believe, but it’s all stuff I’ve been working through. This blog is really about the journey—about honestly sharing what I am going through, happy and sad, in the hopes that it might help someone else, or at least encourage discussion. So this in an honest portrayal of what…Continue Reading

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(Old) Big Guns and Big Snakes

(Originally posted on July 6, 2011)

Another part of an update about my trip.

Many people have asked me if I was afraid during the trip. As I mentioned earlier, I had a lot of nervousness coming into the country—but once I was there, I can think of only two or three times when I was afraid.

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(Old) God’s Glory

(Originally posted on June 7, 2011)

So, I’m going to be posting some about my trip. I won’t go into a lot of detail about the place, but I think you guys would enjoy hearing some of the stories.

God’s glory is a concept I’m only just beginning to understand. All my life, when someone used that phrase in a prayer or at the pulpit, I’d inwardly roll my eyes. For me, “God’s glory” was a stamp people used on their speeches to make themselves sound spiritual. “We need to raise money for this church so that with a new building we can further show God’s glory,” etc.

But in the last few months, God’s glory has taken…Continue Reading

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(GH) the babe who loved all nations (and the savior who still does)

(Originally posted on December 25, 2011)

Earlier this semester, I took a racial prejudice test through a Harvard study for one of my classes. The test used words and pictures to compare preferences for Caucasian or Arab-Muslim people. My results surprised me.

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