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The Imaginings of a Girl

I see him sometimes in my mind.

Once I was walking, thinking of nothing in particular, and out of nowhere he just came into my head: A fellow lifting my mangled, scarred hand and kissing it.

On Thursday I saw him again.

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Growing Up and Growing Old

I’m sick of hearing the phrase, “I’ll never grow up!”

In so many children’s stories and movies, growing up is The Enemy. Growing up is the Bad Thing we never want to happen. Childhood and youth are idealized, because everyone knows that growing up sucks.

Well, guess what happens to mortal human children? They get old. Some grow old. Some grow up.

And there’s a difference.

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(Old) An Afternoon in the Archives

(Originally posted on February 17, 2012)

For my final project in my manuscript class, I’m doing a publication history of Ian Serraillier’s edition of Havelok the Dane (published as Havelok the Warrior in the UK). (Ian Serraillier is also the author of The Silver Sword/Escape from Warsaw, which is what initially got me interested in researching his stuff–I remember really enjoying that book.) I’ll be looking specifically at the differences between the US and UK editions, correspondence with his publishers, etc. This means I spent a lot of time in the archives pouring over Ian’s letters, notes and typescripts (Ian and I are on first name basis because his last name is really long and too…Continue Reading

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(GH) 10 Things People Never Tell You About The British/Reading University

(Originally posted on February 12, 2012)

On Friday I had an amazing day saving the world, flying the Tardis and drooling over manuscripts. And I will write an entry about that, I swear. But I’ve been working on this one in my head for the past few days and I feel I ought to get it out.

10 Things People Never Tell You About The British/Reading University
Being the mundane and completely unimportant observations of an American student. Hopefully this will not offend the nice British people. I love you guys. You are awesome, just a little weird.

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(Old) Some Observations

(Originally posted on January 17, 2012)

The Dining Hall

The dining hall system here was very confusing at first, but I think I’ve got the hang of it. At my home university, I can swipe my card and eat basically whatever I want. Here it’s more like flexbucks. You have a set amount of money to spend for a week, and everything in the dining halls has a price. This wasn’t explained to me, so I was quite perplexed the first two times I tried it.

So far I haven’t been suffering too much in the food department. At various meals I’ve had some sort of meat+roll thing, a 3-cheese pasta (that was in desperate need of Parmesan…Continue Reading

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(Old) Airport Horror Stories

(Originally posted on February 12, 2010)

So, we all have our little airport horror stories. Here is mine.

Last night, my flight is one of the only flights canceled because of the massive amounts of snow expected in Atlanta (read: one inch. ONE INCH). My mom finds out that I’ve been put onto an 8:15 AM flight. I’m like, okay, that means I have to get up at like 5:40 but that’s fine. I’ll have to miss work and two classes but I can do that if necessary.

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(GH) All of Time and Space

(Originally posted on February 14, 2012)

So! Last Friday. First: Everyone, meet Mary. She is another study abroad student from Atlanta, GA. She does not have a strong southern accent. I believe she is studying the classics here (which is Roman and Greek stuff). She is a Doctor Who fan and, like myself, loves Eleven, so we make a good team.

Mary and I caught a train down to Paddington, then set off to find The Doctor Who Experience. We were both very giggly and excited, unsure what to expect but certain it would be brilliant. And it was, my friends. It was.

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