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i will arise and go now, and go

Do you know what it is to be homesick for a place you haven’t left? I do.

Today as I rode the train to London, looking out the window, my throat tightened and eyes blurred. Again on the Tube. Tired, thirsty, hot and sick of the smell of people, I suddenly was struck with a longing that squeezed my chest.

I was playing a choral piece on my iPod from a Celtic CD. It happened to be the song I listened to on the bus as I entered the Highlands of Scotland. Some people say that books take you back to the places you’ve traveled. For me, it’s always been music.

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(Old) Traveling

(Originally posted on June 11, 2011)

This year I started reading travel books for fun, after our trip to Italy. I’m using my upcoming semester abroad as an excuse, but the truth is that I really have found a love for reading these books (much to the dismay and teasing of some friends).

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(GH) broken hands

(Originally posted on April 12, 2011)

Her fingers closed over the ticket, curling it into a small cone, tighter and tighter, smaller and smaller as she twisted. The others couldn’t see that she wasn’t breathing. She didn’t notice.

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(Old) Airport Horror Stories

(Originally posted on February 12, 2010)

So, we all have our little airport horror stories. Here is mine.

Last night, my flight is one of the only flights canceled because of the massive amounts of snow expected in Atlanta (read: one inch. ONE INCH). My mom finds out that I’ve been put onto an 8:15 AM flight. I’m like, okay, that means I have to get up at like 5:40 but that’s fine. I’ll have to miss work and two classes but I can do that if necessary.

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(Old) A Brief Dialog

(Originally posted on September 19, 2007, and quite popular with Sonlighters.)

Wrote this on the way to Williamsburg. I must mention I am particularly proud of my penmanship, which you guys can't see, obviously. It's all scrawly.

"Have you ever traveled?"

"Oh yes, all over the world."

"Really?" he asked, interested.

"Well…The man I'm going to marry lives on an estate in England. My little sister is in a small town in Mississippi. Oh–my best friend lives in England, too–he has a silver hand. And a blue eyed Egyptian is my big sister. I went to China once, and helped a boy and his pig find safety. Then there was the time I went into the depths of Africa–it's…Continue Reading

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(GH) The Faerie Guide to Surviving Wales

(Originally posted on 15 April 2012)

I’m heading to Wales this week with my friend, Anna, and some locals from the university. It is going to be epic! Conveniently, I have also been reading a ton of Welsh fairytales and mythology in the past several weeks as part of my research for Blessings. So in case you ever find yourself in Wales and don’t fancy getting turned to ash or worse, here’s five things to keep in mind if you want to get there and back again!

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