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Illuminate Venice: Day 2


Venice on a rainy, wintry day is gorgeous—full of reflections in sidewalks and empty of fair-weather tourists. Bundled up in our raincoats and hats, Annie and I embarked for our first palace and much wandering.

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Illuminate Venice: Day 1


Last term, I’d started thinking about going to Venice on a research trip for my WIP, Illuminate. The objective: Go and linger and absorb atmosphere and take notes and write.

When I found a nice hotel for super cheap the week before Carnival, my friend and classmate Annie jumped on the bandwagon with me. And we had many an adventure on our five day stay in Venice, Italy!

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Day Trip: Glastonbury


On November 12th, Lindsay and I set out for our second day trip—this time to Glastonbury! As an Arthurian nerd, I was more than a little excited to see a city I’d studied a lot in my old literature classes as an undergrad. The city didn’t disappoint. Its blend of the dark, the historic, and the strange was worthy of many novel pages.

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Day Trip: Wells


On October 15th (the day after my birthday), my friend, Lindsay, and I started what would become a bit of a tradition this semester: We went on a Tuesday day trip. Our first destination: Wells.

Wells is a small city with an enormous cathedral about an hour and a half outside of Bath. Rick Steves recommended it, and I’d had it on my list for a long time. The place did not disappoint!

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Brief Thoughts on Birthdays


As I walked my friend around Bath tonight, giving her an abridged tour, I found myself struck by the strangeness of it.

Five years ago I woke up on my 18th birthday and embarked with my mentor, Nicole, to Paddington. We were shocked by how expensive the tickets to Bath were, but decided to suck it up and go for it. That night I wrote in my journal, “I am so going back to Bath.”

The girl who fell in love with Bath that dreary day would never, ever have dreamed of living here–of knowing the city well…Continue Reading

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The Hole in the Hedges

The Hole in the Hedges

Today is my last day at the B&B. Tomorrow I move to my flat and start settling. Thursday is my first meeting with my program to set up modules and get things sorted. Needless to say: Transitions!

I spent most of yesterday recovering from international student orientation (wherein I learned new things like how to use the library and played important ice breakers! Bleh. But I did make a few friends) and, due to poor scheduling, today I took my death-fatigue-inducing rheumatoid arthritis drugs and sampled a few podcasts from churches friends had recommended.

In the late afternoon, I decided I’d take another stab at a finding the scenic views my B&B recommended, as I don’t think I’ll…Continue Reading

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First Day

bath day 1

Here there be typos! Don’t have time to proof at the moment.

Today I slept late, and in general lazed around doing smallish things until the afternoon. Then I ventured forth into the frightening world of Phone Stores. My little burner phone from my semester abroad hadn’t been working at all, and I’d decided I needed something with Maps on it anyway (after various scarring directions-related difficulties from last time). The views of the city were beautiful as I descended toward city center, and a few times I just had to stop and say to myself,…Continue Reading

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