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(Old) WitMMM: Day Nine (Kinsale)

(Originally posted on May 18, 2012)

This morning we went to Desmond Castle, the not-so-secret reason we came to Kinsale. While reading through Rick Steve’s Ireland travel book, my imagination was caught by a random fact about this particular castle. During the Revolutionary War, American sailors captured as prisoners of war were taken to the castle (then a prison). Some were chained to the walls as an example for Irish rebels.

Mary Cate: Wait, you dragged us all the way out here for this castle?
Me: But think of the potential stories! What if there was an American sailor who escaped? And what if he happened to meet a nice Irish lass? And what if they had…Continue Reading

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Eight (Kinsale)

(Originally posted on May 17, 2012)

We awoke, got to the bus station, and boarded the right bus all with relative ease this morning. It was a pretty straight forward journey–about four hours to Cork. We did go through Cashel, which was a stop I’d scratched off after the online site said you couldn’t get to it by bus. So that’s special. But it was pretty relaxing. I listened to a good chunk of Mrs. Mike on Audible (which is an ADORABLE story). We got into Cork a little later than expected, but still managed to find the Kinsale bus in good time. Then it was another hour in.

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Seven (Dublin)

(Originally posted on May 16, 2012)

What’s this? A blog entry the same day as the events therein?? That’s right, folks.

The night in the hostel went pretty well, though most of our roommates were up quite early. I ended up getting out of bed at eight to go downstairs and work on internet stuff (and drink water–I was really dehydrated). We were hoping to take a tour outside of Dublin today. I’d made inquiries about a month ago, and been in contact with a fellow from Over the Top Tours up until about two weeks back. I emailed him earlier in the trip with Mary Cate’s phone number, since I’d left my phone in Reading. Anyway.…Continue Reading

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Six (Conwy to Dublin)

(Originally posted on May 16, 2012)

We were worried about not having enough time to see Conwy castle and visit some shops on this morning, so we got up earlier and were down for breakfast the moment they started serving. Classic oldies were playing from the radio. We were the only ones down, and we sat by the window. It was completely peaceful. The host and hostess were really chill and relaxed. I got teased a bit for just ordering bacon and was told several times to ask for more if I was still hungry (I also was having toast and cereal). Even though we had a crazy day ahead, it was the perfect start to…Continue Reading

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Five (York to Conwy)

(Originally posted on May 15, 2012)

We took it slow the morning of day five. Had a leisurely breakfast, then went to the train station. We would be heading to Conwy that day. About a month ago I’d bought our tickets (to save money). But I had gotten them to Llandudno, not Conwy. Later I would remember I did this because trains to Conwy were infrequent and tricky. But I’d forgotten about that, so when we got to the train station we went ahead and grabbed cheap tickets from Llandudno to Conwy.

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Four (York)

(Originally posted on May 14, 2012)


Woke up miserably early (read: 7:00), did some last minute packing, and caught a bus to the station. We arrived pretty early, so stopped in Costa for tea and hot chocolate. A nice beginning to the day, admittedly. Then it was on to the train to York! Though a crowded ride, this went pretty well.

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Two (Warwick)

(Originally posted on May 12, 2012)

(From yesterday…)

We took our time getting up the next morning. After a pleasant breakfast of tea and English muffins with butter and cheese, we packed a lunch and set out for Warwick. There was slight confusion about which train station we needed to arrive in, but we asked for help like mature adults and made our way to the right stop. From there, it was an easy walk through the nice town of Warwick (with a stop for lunch) to Warwick Castle.

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