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(Old) WitMMM: Day Five (York to Conwy)

(Originally posted on May 15, 2012)

We took it slow the morning of day five. Had a leisurely breakfast, then went to the train station. We would be heading to Conwy that day. About a month ago I’d bought our tickets (to save money). But I had gotten them to Llandudno, not Conwy. Later I would remember I did this because trains to Conwy were infrequent and tricky. But I’d forgotten about that, so when we got to the train station we went ahead and grabbed cheap tickets from Llandudno to Conwy.

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Four (York)

(Originally posted on May 14, 2012)


Woke up miserably early (read: 7:00), did some last minute packing, and caught a bus to the station. We arrived pretty early, so stopped in Costa for tea and hot chocolate. A nice beginning to the day, admittedly. Then it was on to the train to York! Though a crowded ride, this went pretty well.

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(Old) WitMMM: Day Two (Warwick)

(Originally posted on May 12, 2012)

(From yesterday…)

We took our time getting up the next morning. After a pleasant breakfast of tea and English muffins with butter and cheese, we packed a lunch and set out for Warwick. There was slight confusion about which train station we needed to arrive in, but we asked for help like mature adults and made our way to the right stop. From there, it was an easy walk through the nice town of Warwick (with a stop for lunch) to Warwick Castle.

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(Old) While In the Merry Month of May: Day One (Oxford)

(Originally posted on May 10, 2012)

This morning I arose early and took a cold and slightly rainy walk to the train station. It was a fairly uneventful (though crowded) ride to Gatwick Airport. I found the arrivals, checked the list of flights, and saw that there was a Dublin and Barcelona flight before Mary Cate’s Orlando plane. While I waited for her, I kept watching the people came out and trying to guess if they were American, Irish, British or Spanish… Happily Mary Cate arrived before I grew too desperate.

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