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10 Gifts for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

10 Gifts for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

If a friend or a loved one has Rheumatoid Arthritis, there are a lot of little ways you can show support—including giving the occasional present! Below you’ll find of a list of helpful gifts you can give to show you care.

From the extremely practical to the extremely thoughtful, find a gift for your friend below…

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Mourning a Moment

I do love to travel. I do love new places, new experiences. I can’t imagine living in one place for more than five years. But sometimes having the whole world as your home sucks.

Over winter break, there has been a gaping hole in the house: My dog, Rosey, who we put to sleep in July. I left right after she was buried. I’ve spent a lot of time at home loving on Melly (my sister’s dog), a lot of time playing with her to help heal how much I miss my dog. But I knew before I left for my last semester at Berry I needed to go visit the spot Rosey was buried…Continue…Continue Reading

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