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How I Met My Publisher(s)

How I Met My Publisher(s)

Guys, I am SO EXCITED to FINALLY be able to share some important news with you. But now that the time has finally come, I don’t even know how to start. I’ve been sitting on this secret so long, I can’t find the words I want — which is unfortunate, since my job is words.

I’m going to pull a Ted Mosby and back this train all up to show you How I Met My Publisher(s). Here we go!

Gifs will help me.



February 2016

My agent Amber has been working with me on Illuminate for some time. But she’s like, “Look, I’m going to need you to stop talking to…Continue Reading

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A Novel Idea: Blurbs

Click the pictures to see them full-size (and read the full blurbs).

I’m taking a quick break from the Q&A series to participate in A Novel Idea. Yes, I’m talking about my own projects quite a lot here lately – mostly because that’s what my life currently revolves around! The Eleventh Trade is back with my agent now, and I’m busily editing away at Illuminate (and having entirely too much fun rediscovering the story after a nine month break).

Here’s the Novel Idea prompt for this week:

What would the back cover of your novel say? Try to make it as intriguing as possible. Remember, this is all readers have when trying to decide if they’re going to read your book or not. Do the best you can to convince a hypothetical reader to pick up your book.

Since I had already written blurbs (it’s one of my favorite things to do early in a writing project, oddly), I got a bit ambitious and made them into fun graphics. Illuminate and The Eleventh Trade are currently my top priorities, but I threw in Blessings and Popinjay for funsies. I didn’t bother with Wake or Heiress Letters (title to be determined??) for now, as they are the farthest off my radar at the moment.

I’m curious – which blurb intrigues you most?

Want to join in? Check out Sky’s original post.

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New Look! Plus Writing News!

New Look! Plus Writing News!

It’s been a bit quiet here. Why, you ask? Because I have been up to my ears in writing deadlines!

Once upon a time, my agent Amber Caraveo asked me to send her information on my other projects. Among other things, I sent her the synopsis and first few chapters of (what was then called) The Great Tanboor Trade. She loved it… like, a lot.

Like, she sort of wondered if it should be my debut level of a lot.

After having a 24-hour panic attack/identity crisis (“Me? Writing middle grade contemporary? MEE??”), I agreed to do a speed-draft of it so that we could see how it stood next to Illuminate. So in January, February,…Continue Reading

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How I Signed with a Literary Agent: Not the Way You Think

How I Signed with a Literary Agent: Not the Way You Think

Literary agent. Offers. First refusal. Revision. Contracts. Murder.

These are all words that could describe my journey to signing with an agent. (Except for that last one. I was just joking. Or was I?)

Readers of the blog might remember that I signed with Amber Caraveo of Skylark Literary back on December 16. But like all stories, it doesn’t actually begin there.

When most writers decide to go the route of traditional publishing, they start by querying literary agents. They send out a juicy story blurb, tantalizing first chapters, maybe a sexy synopsis (two words you never thought you’d see together). Eventually maybe an agent will be caught and a contract signed.

I’ve queried in the past myself, mostly…Continue Reading

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4 Tips for Historical Fiction

4 Tips for Historical Fiction

4 Historical Fiction Writing TipsLast spring, the Roman Baths Museum in Bath, England, approached my MA program and asked the students to write short stories about the Beau Street Hoard—a real live treasure hoard discovered across the street. The museum wanted to make the discovery exciting for kids, so they turned to us to come up with short stories about how the hoard came to be buried.

I was super excited about this project. I love historical fiction and I love the Roman Baths.

But when I sat down to write a story in no more than…Continue Reading

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General Writing Update (CampNaNoWriMo)

General Writing Update (CampNaNoWriMo)

Today is the end of CampNaNoWriMo, normal NaNoWriMo’s more fun cousin! For those of you who are my parents, that acronym stands for “National Novel Writing Month,” and every November writers from around the world try to (as the name implies) write 50,000 words in a month. In CampNaNo, it’s basically the same idea—except that you can set your own wordcount goals.

So, needless to say, this month has been full to the brim with writing. I finished with about 60,000 words, spread across four different projects. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve gotten done (with bonus excerpts!):

The Great Tanboor Trade

As part of my publishing course for my master’s, I had to write a query and synopsis for…Continue Reading

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Creative Stories Update

Creative Stories Update

It’s been a while since I did a blog entry rounding up my various stories, so here ’tis! Below the cut you will find updates on my various creative projects (5 of them now!) and some pretty pictures.


Blessings ([Series names] #1)

(Clearly I’m still having a hard time pinpointing the series name, even though I wrote about forever ago.)

After a lengthy talk with my writing friend and brain twin Annie, I realized that the beginning of the book could be streamlined and made about 100% better through the extra work. I’ve since completed the huge rewrites (and cut around 10k from the beginning), and several sources confirm that the results are very promising!

About the time I…Continue Reading

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