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How to Write Arguments with Maximum Punch

How to Write Arguments with Maximum Punch

Arguments are both exciting and difficult to write. It’s challenging to strike a balance, to make sure both sides are winning, and to avoid repetition. A well-written argument goes through plenty of revising before it can inflict Falcon-punch levels of pain.

Below are the steps I take to ensure my arguments as tight and terrible as possible.

1. Take sides.

Before you draft, ask yourself: What is this argument really about? What does Character A think it’s about? What does Character B think it’s about?

Spend some time getting into their heads. In a good argument scene, both sides are a little right and a little wrong. Make sure you identify with both characters before you draft. While you’re drafting, keep trying to identify…Continue Reading

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5 Things to Help You Prep for Your Novel’s Climax

5 Things to Help You Prep for Your Novel’s Climax

I have friends who absolutely love writing their story’s climax. It’s their favorite part of the writing process.

I am not one of those people.

The thought of writing a climax makes me want to do my laundry. I would rather clean the hair out of my drain than start drafting my climax. I cannot tell you how spotless my house gets when I reach the latter third of my novel.

The first draft of my climaxes (and everyone’s, I’d hazard) are terrifyingly awful. But this time around, I wanted to put in work beforehand to help save on rewrites after. Below are the five ways I’ve tried to make my approaching climax (*coughsplutter*) fun.

1. Interviews and Questionnaires

K.M. Weiland is…Continue Reading

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