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Things That Have Been Up and Stuff

Things That Have Been Up and Stuff

This is a general update blog post, so it’s going to be a bit random and short. Yay?

My friend Katherine came for a visit! We had many adventures, including but not limited to: Catching a train only because the staff held their car door open for us, performing period dances on the lawn at Chatsworth (Pemberley), exploring a plague village, and a bit of waltzing in the Assembly Rooms! (Katherine is my dance buddy and we took full advantage of this.)

I have been editing like a mad person. This will probably result in some revision-themed posts soon. I also have been brainstorming the Next Project! Trying to get into the habit of having more than one story in my brain at a time.

The Great Noveling Adventure has relaunched for the fall, which means I’m back on rotation! You can check out my first entry here. (It has free stuff you can download!)

I wrote about being an editorial moderator for The Writing Platform, and you can read it here. Super stoked to have had the opportunity to work on LTAUS, and to get the chance to write about it some more.

Speaking of LTAUS… HarperCollins is publishing a selected collection of the letters (due to come out on 11 November), and my poem was included! I am only a little excited about this. (Disclaimer: That is a lie, I AM SO EXCITE.)

My program ends at the end of this month. Then what? At the moment I am applying for a variety of jobs, but we’ll see. I will be staying in England until the end of October at the very least, and possibly until mid-November for a women’s conference in London. The general plan at the moment is to land a job and try to settle somewhere for three or four years, get really plugged in with a church, etc., and look into entering non-profit work from there. I continue to have a hard time imagining being in one place for much longer than that, but I also think I’m in need of a bit of stability for a little while.

That’s it for this quick update! Now back to revision.

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